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February 2024

Appeal for help with clearing the Teanagairn henge, Monday 19th February. Request from team leader Andrew. lineaalbia@aol.com

Plan : Meet at 1030 at the lay by on the A9 (Opposite the turn into Teanagairn farm) I will have bush cutter and lopper. We ideally need a petrol strimmer  (if not I do have a battery one)

Aims - Brush Cut New Gorse / Strim central area to remove Rosebay Willow Herb Stems and new growth / Fix markers to fence wires and scope easy and cost effective options for fence repair / Fix a wooden block to gate post to allow gate to shut with bolt (I have wood and drill and screws).

Our “Views of the Village” page has an additional page of photographs relating to the Greenhill Steading and Farmhouse at Greenleonachs.

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