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March 2023

The Teanagairn henge page  has been updated with photographs showing the massive effort that went into clearing the vegetation on the henge.

Latest submission to the CCT monthly newsletter.

Fascinating Findon Facts
Coincidence 1
Shortly after becoming custodians of the mill and dun at Findon in the 1980s we 
noticed Mr Jackson studying the mill building whilst trying to locate a suitable 
position to take a photograph. He was referring to an album of watercolours that Sir
Kenneth Mackenzie, an ancestor of his, had painted in 1879 when he owned the 
Estate and Mr Jackson wanted a before and after shot of the location. Naturally we 
were very interested as the original water colour was the only instance, at that time,
showing the mill building in its original condition. Fortunately Mr Jackson was happy
to provide us with scanned copies of the water colour along with an associated one 
of Milton Lodge to the north of the mill building. 
https://history.culbokiect.org/index.asp?pageid=724474  “An historical drive through
Coincidence 2.
Jumping forward a few decades our interest in the history of Findon Mills had been 
kept alive with the activities of the History of Culbokie Group. Occasionally the 
Group is approached by families researching their family history and asking for 
help, often with geographical questions. Elizabeth Jorgenson, Ottawa, sent us 
photographs taken on a visit in 1913 by an ancestor who was searching for family 
homes. https://history.culbokiect.org/index.asp?pageid=724517 During the 
correspondence Elizabeth enquired as to where in Culbokie I resided and on 
learning that it was at Findon Mills she sent a further photograph showing the mill in
its entirety when it was being used for timber processing. Whilst the mill wouldn't 
have been of relevance to that search for family homes the mill must have been 
such a significant building as to warrant a photograph. What a bonus for our 
researches. Unfortunately the photograph didn't shed any light on to the location of 
the mill wheel, but then beggars can't be choosers.
The history of the Mill can be found from this page 
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