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We will display new items of interest here whilst also placing them in their permanent location. The Recently changed pages section on the right-hand column of the Home page will show the most recent pages to have been updated.

If you’d like to help or have any information on these or any of our topics please contact history@culbokiect.org .

June 2024 

The "Views of the Village" menu tab has a pull-out menu linking to two pamphlets that can be printed relating to the History site and a 'Guided Walk' through the village. They were intended for printing and display at exhibitions etc. but are readable on-screen with a zoom facility.

We have received requests for help in family history research relating to Fowlers and Urquharts. See "People of Culbokie" page.

June CCT monthly report.

The “Tomorrow's History” page has three new pages. The first reporting the unveiling of the Coronation Tree and Plaque, the second the opening of the Sharing Shed in October 2020, and the third containing photos of the installation of the fibre telecommunication cable. This page, perhaps, will explain in 20 years time why all the roads and pavements show signs of snake-like tarmac strips.

It would appear that the Search facility is now accessing more of the content of the pages and publications such as Noticeboards and CCT reports. We would welcome feed-back on this, especially if you experience unsatisfactory results.

We have reinstated the ability to download 2 pamphlets we created. The first describes the entire History site and the second a description of a walk-through the village. These will be found from the “Views of the Village” page.

We have received two requests for help in tracing family connections with Culbokie which can be found here. Please contact us if you have information to offer and we will put you in touch.

When accessing the site it is useful to check “Recently changed pages” displayed in the right-hand column.

As always we welcome your material and suggestions for adding to the history of Culbokie. Contact can be made through history@culbokiect.org

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