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December 2022

The link to the Senior Citizens' Christmas meal Facebook page now contains photos of this year's Party.

A new page has been created to concentrate pages that relate to the visual aspects of the Village.

November 2022

A gallery of photos showing the replacement of the bridge over the Findon Burn at Findon Cottage/Findon Mills can be accessed through the "Transport & Communications" page.

Some extra photos in the Gallery for the Construction of the Cromarty Bridge.

A "new" photo has been added to the Preaching Site page.

October 2022

A submission to the CCT newsletter.

The Findon distillery

Recently the attention of the Culbokie History Group has been drawn to a website claiming that a distillery existed for one year 1798 – 1799 on a site within the Findon Estate. https://scotchwhisky.com/whiskypedia/14217/findon/ It claims that the estate comprised of three or more farms (Mill of Findon, Mains of Findon and Bog of Findon) plus a mansion, Findon Lodge, at Culbokie. We would welcome any information from our readers so as to fill out the story. Details can be supplied through our website http://history.culbokiect.org/ We have contacted the owners of the scotchwhisky.com website for more information. Donald Allan is named as the distillery owner and we have been able to establish that Donald Allan b 1767 Resolis and Donald Allan b 1769 Urquhart and Logie Wester are of an age to have been involved in distilling. The reference to “Findon Lodge” has been intriguing as the only reference to a Lodge in the area has been "Milton Lodge" and the thinking is that it was located not far from Findon Mills. Item 7 in the Gallery for http://history.culbokiect.org/index.asp?pageid=724474 “An historical drive through Culbokie from East to West” although the water colour is labelled as “Milton Lodge” which subsequently burned down in 1950.

The most famous of distilleries is at Ferintosh, immortalised by Robert Burns.  http://history.culbokiect.org/archaeologyandancientsites.asp Whilst it is outwith the immediate boundary of Culbokie it would have played a significant part in the life of all residents. They would have been supplying materials for the distilling, and it would have been a significant structure whilst on their way to the Churches that served the Community. http://history.culbokiect.org/index.asp?pageid=724491

We were fortunate on being able to draw on substantial work and research carried out by the North of Scotland Archaeology Society (NOSAS) whose member Alan Mackenzie conducted us on a tour of the site in October 2017.

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