Schoolcroft memories

Memories of a young former resident of Schoolcroft.

My memories of the building of the later parts of Schoolcroft are just about playing on the building site, becoming great friends with the digger driver and spending days in the cabs of various heavy plant machines, driving a "Drot" and driving dumper trucks. Site security was not even a consideration in those days. I am not sure if we have any photographs as cameras were rare and used sparingly in those days so most photos are of family and pets. There may be points of interest in the backgrounds though.

Some very interesting material on your website. The map of Schoolcroft has really got me thinking. I would guess that it was put together in 1978 just by the names on the map. Numbers 26 and 27 lay empty for years so the fact someone is in 26 is significant as is the property on the corner [number 4] opposite 2 & 3 being empty. It was for a long time (we used to play in it) but Ian Stewart’s family from Stornoway, moved into it long before we left in March 1980.

Don't let the mention of the "New road" fool you as the section between Tore and the South causeway was complete by 75 and one of the local farm owners who had had their farm carved in two by it said they got a letter in 1975 from the Scottish Office stating the A9 would never carry more than 30 cars per day!

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