Findon Mill

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The clearest identification of the existence of Findon Mill is on the Findon Estate map of 1769.

Encouragement to learn more of the history of the Mill and its surroundings of which we are the custodians came with the acquisition of a copy of a watercolour painted by Sir James Dixon Mackenzie of Scatwell in 1879.

Investigations have taken us through the stages of the mill being used for the processing of meal (corn), timber, with the possibility of iron at an earlier stage, until its assumed reduction in size of the building in the early 1920s with the break-up of the Findon Estate.










The view in 1913 - no longer a corn/meal mill but now processing timber.

Photograph courtesy of Elizabeth A. Jorgensen. For permission to use this photograph contact: ejorsted@gmail.com 


Our thanks go to Alasdair Cameron, Jim Mackay, friends, neighbours and visitors for sharing their memories and researches with us.

Pam and Roger Piercy

February 2016

January 2023 her.highland.gov.uk/Monument/MHG31490 Findon Mill 

her.highland.gov.uk/Monument/MHG31491 House associated with Findon Mill. The area has always been known a "Findon Mills" and was used to cover a quite extensive area, much to the confusion of postal deliveries etc.


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